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Paneer Korma Recipe, also known as mughlai shahi paneer (royal moghul) is a Vegetarian Indian cottage cheese curry with Almonds, yogurt and spices

Earlier in the day I cooked this easy and quick paneer korma recipe, when I realized that I hadn’t yet posted this aromatic Indian cottage cheese curry. Luckily I was a bit early in preparing lunch, so I kept an extra hour for the whole picture making process, so that you could benefit of the […]


Beetroot Chocolate Cake Recipe

by Helene Dsouza on February 13, 2015

Beetroot Chocolate Cake Recipe

Lately I have been obsessed with two ingredients mixed together, beetroot and chocolate. You wouldn’t imagine the earthy sweet pink/red beetroot together with the sinful dark chocolate and yet both compliment each other outrageously well. In the past few years I witnessed how known chefs and TV cook-show personalities combined beetroot and chocolate in desserts, […]


Chicken Chow Mein – Stir fried Noodles the Indo Chinese way recipe

I have not met anybody yet who didn’t like stir fried chow mein noodles. The Indo-Chinese chow mein is always a favorite amongst Indians and Westerners alike, or so it appears to be in Goa. Personally I have no clue what the real Chinese chow mein is suppose to taste like, I figure it must […]


Goan Meatball Curry Recipe - Indian Beef Kofta {Easy and Quick}

Who can resist juicy meatballs in a delicious sauce? Especially if the so called sauce or gravy is a bright orange goan curry stuffed with comforting spices and a multitude of happy taste makers.  My vegetarian friends won’t be that excited about this one, however I have been working on a veg soya version, which […]


Easy Potato Cauliflower Masala - Aloo Gobi Curry {Nut-free Vegetarian} Indian recipe

I always make sure to include pure veg Indian dishes into my menu planning. You can imagine the upside of eating veggies of course, we all know that they are good for us. As a meat lover I find it difficult at times to completely enjoy veggies when they are just plainly cooked without much […]


Plum Jam Recipe {without Pectin}

by Helene Dsouza on January 23, 2015

Plum Jam Recipe {without Pectin} french recipe

The plum season in the Northern Hemisphere came and went long ago but in India and places such as Australia, the plum fruit can be purchased and is in fact in season. In Goa we get to buy plums during the colder months, however somebody told me once that the plums growing in the North […]


Masala Herb Shop Now Open

by Helene Dsouza on January 21, 2015

Masala Herb Shop Now Open - online shop india

The Masala Herb shop is open from today onwards. I am going to keep this short because I had mentioned all the main details last week in the shop launching post. The blog part will still live on of course but from now on you can explore the shop section too with the current selections. […]


Launching soon The Masala Herb Shop

by Helene Dsouza on January 14, 2015

Soon launching kitchen and home articles from India at the shop

Today you will finally get to know what I have been up to the last few months. Yep, I have been working on a brand new Masala Herb shop section. Finally my little secret is out with this post and it means the shop will be launching on Wednesday next week the 21st January […]