Soji - A quick semolina dessert

Soji – A quick semolina dessert

by Helene Dsouza on January 25, 2012

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I am always looking for quick tasty recipes. Life around us is always a buzz, time is scares, precious and we try to do the maximum in a day. There are so many things I want to do and there is so much to learn in life. I have often the feeling I am missing out on many things in life, that’s why I don’t like to waste time. So logical solutions are always welcome to improve and manage my life.

Actually by now I should have unlearned the hassle in live, for I am living in one of the most unpredictable places in the world. If the next minutes and hours are difficult to foresee, then  how can one follow the straight clear organized path? India is a place where u have to know how to handle hurdles and how to accept that sometimes you just have to wait. You have to be prepared too for unexpected situations, because anything is possible.The best way to experience that is when sitting in a taxi the first time in India. A french man, who was traveling with an Enfield through India, told me once that you have to flow like a fish in a river and be sharp like an eagle. I totally understand what he means, cause if you try to follow the western rules on the road in India, I guarantee that you ll have an accident. There are many things on the roads dogs, cows, chicken, pigs, goats and some careless fools. So you understand, here it is all about using your senses, the “remembering rules like in Europe” way doesn’t work. In the western worlds life is organized, easy to manage but also full of regulations. We give our freedom in exchange of security and a smooth running life. All my life in Europe I did experience only once a power shut down, and then too only for 2 minutes. In Goa its happening everyday, any time and while I am writing, it just happened again ( I am serious!).

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Coming back to food ( power returned, yuhuu!). My plan for today’s day, was to post a delicious, easy and quick to prepare dessert dish. My husband is the master of this dish and he is the one who introduced me to it. Its a traditional Indian recipe which is cooked and enjoyed throughout the country. It is mostly know as soji, in Goa they would spell it soege. Soji is a semolina cake/pudding which is prepared in a pan over hot fire, and traditionally served on a banana leaf (without the plate). No baking is involved, who has an oven here around anyways? I am sharing with you the basic recipe because I like it simpler and without extras. If you want, you can always add in scraped coconuts or almonds or even food colors to give it all an other dimension. Be creative, try out some flavour ideas for this dish, and share it with us here!

(Da** the electricity is gone again!)


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Soji - A quick semolina dessert
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Goan
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 100 grams Semolina
  • 60grams Ghee (clarified Butter)
  • 200 milliliter Milk
  • 30 grams Sugar
  • 4 drops Vanilla Essence
  1. Take out your non stick frying pan and heat it on low fire up. Add the Semolina into the pan and stir fry till you see a light color change towards golden brown. Don't burn it!
  2. Now mix in the ghee and continuously stir fry till it gets all together thicker. Continue by adding in the milk (first half the amount), the sugar and the vanilla essence. Don't forget to keep on stirring while it is all cooking and add in the rest of the milk once it is all getting thicker. The Semolina dish should be sticky and a bit dry.
  3. Serve it warm, that's when it tastes the best. The semolina hardens fast, if kept standing for longer, and the experience might be not the same.


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One of my friends just got back from a trip to India and she was amazed at how chaotic and disorganized it is. I think part of it is that she's really quite rigid/structured of a person. Perhaps if she had let loose and eaten more semolina dessert, she would have had a better time.


Helene Dsouza

@Joanne lol yeah maybe the semolina dessert would have helped her. lol
yeah its not for the faint heartet, india I mean.


Amelia's De-ssert

Hi Helene, I have not eaten this dessert but I like your presentation. Very nice. Have a nice day.



Helene, I totally understand what you say. I know life there is not so easy and smooth sailing as in the western world. It is tougher for a person who lived all their life in Europe. Just take your time and take it easy. Aren't there a lot of nice things too? Oh, I love my country but I too feel a sense of disorientation when I am there sometimes, but then, which place is perfect?

Oh, the Sooji looks perfect!



Your recipe reminds me of how I feel when eating a bowl of warm rice pudding…very comforting.


Frugal in WV

I love recipes with few ingredients, this recipe look yummy!



quick favourite that we enjoy as well hope you can join the tea time snack event


Ganga Sreekanth

very neatly done n looks so tempting !!nice clicks……


Helene Dsouza

@Aarthi yes totaly yummy

@Amelia thank u. =)

@Keethana dont missunderstand me. there r a lots of nice things, as I said as human u have more freedom and opporunities but its defently more dangerous too. Keeps your mind busy, which I like. Otherwise I wouldnt be living here already for 5 years. I learned a lots here!
u r right there is no place perfect in this world.

@Karen thank u for passing by! =) yes it is very comforting, I enjoy it the best while relaxing and watching the simpsons. 😉

@Frugal easy to make for sure. Maybe ur famile will like this dish, u should try it out.

@Torview I am positivly surprised on how many blogger friends know and enjoy this dessert.

@Ganga thanks! means a lot to hear that from a original local indian. XD



Ohh Helene, the Indian way of life must be really hard on you! Even after being an Indian at heart, there are some things I still can't stand when I'm there–and power failure is sure one of them! I was going your earlier posts and really liked the one on kanji–kanji with lentils, chutney or pickles is comfort food for us :) Sooji looks yummy!



Just come across your website in my search for an authentic Pork/Duck Goan Vindaloo recipe and found this semolina recipe. This was a childhood treat my brothers and myself use to have on a weekend. Certainly delicious when warm, but, equally delicious cold. My mother used water instead of milk and never used any essence but used cardamom powder instead, along with nuts and dried fruits.
As for your website, I have found it a very interesting read, especially as you are not of the culture you live in. Myself, am an anglo-goan, my mother was from Calangute and my father from Yorkshire, UK. He did love his goan cuisine.
Looking forward to the addition of recipes of todays Goa.
Finally, your dish of Sooji does look delicious and will be making it.


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