Flax Seeds – ground


For this Fruit Salad, you can choose the amount and whichever fruit combination you like.

Wash all the fruits and clean them, cut them all small and keep in a bowl.

You can mix the Yoghurt and ground Flaxseedsbeforehand or sprinkle the flax seeds on top of the fruit salad and yogurt.

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  1. Hi Helene, thanks for sharing the history of Slyvester. And your salad look appetizing and delicious.

    Happy New Year to you and family and wish you all the best thru out the year. Have a nice day

  2. It really is crazy how quickly time seems to be flying. I hope you have a great new year!

    And what a healthy delicious way to kick it off, with this recipe!

  3. What fascinating history behind New Year's! I knew they were always torturing and killing Jews, but I didn't know it was specific to New Year's Day. Yikes, huh!

    Love yogurt dishes that are always good for my belly. Just can't eat much fruit…allergic to it unfortunately. I love looking at it though! Gorgeous photos as usual!
    Happy New Year!

  4. What a simply delicious healthy recipe with a generous side of history, Helene. Thank you so much for sharing…

    Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy, Safe & Healthy New Year! I'm looking forward to visiting your delicious blog in 2012. It's always filled with enticing meals. Thanks!!! Louise:)

    Janus am I; oldest of potentates;
    Forward I look, and backward, and below
    I count, as god of avenues and gates,
    The years that through my portals come and go.
    Longfellow; The Poet's Calendar

    I posted about him here.

  5. Looks so good! Eating healthier is also one of my resolutions, haha, but let's see how well I stick to it 😉

    I've just hosted an event for another food blogger called Breakfast Club – and the theme I made for January is detox and healthy breakfast! You should add this to the bloghop! 🙂 Details and rules are on my site.

    Happiest New Year, Helene! Warmest wishes for 2012! xo

  6. 2011 did flew by so quickly 😀

    That fruit salad looks so delicious!! Happy New Year, sweetie 🙂

    Kiran @

  7. I've always wanted to do more with flax seeds and usually thought about using them in bread. This is a great idea!

  8. First of all Thank u all for your kind comments and views! I am glad and lucky to have u all as my friends and readers.

    @Amelia thank u dear. I hope u had a smooth kick off into the year! =)

    @Joanne I agree, its refreshing, tasy and healthy. what more does one need? 😉

    @Karen thank u I wish u the same!

    @Courtney u r allergic to fruits?! O.o I am sorry to hear that, that sucks. all kind of fruits and which components r u allergic off. You could eat the flexseeds instead with cornflakes or even better with müsli mixed.

    @Torviewtoronto thank u I appreciate that u left me a comment. I always like to recieve feed backs. =)

    @louise Its a pleasure! I hope to read more too from your interssting informative foodie blog! just passed by your blog 😉

    @Aimee I am a bit late for the blog hop I guesse. I was soo tied up these past weeks, I hope to fit in more time for my blog now and for our future. thanks for the info and for passing by =D

    @gerry yeah and its dude friendly easy to make! happy new year my friend.

    @Kiran hey, how r u doing!? hope u passed the festivities well. wish u a hppy new year too!

    @Artofnaturalliving Thank u I am honored to have a green thinking blogger commenting on my flaxseed idea. =D happy new year to u!

  9. Everyone seems to be using flax seeds int their recipes this month…I must try them out too…this seems a good way to start.

  10. @debby yep Its a trendy little seed. Filled with essential oils! But remember not to cook the seeds or the nutrients will go and the seeds will have no value, healthwise.

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