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Ham and Cheese Crescents for #Sundaysupper

by Helene Dsouza on February 3, 2013

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My American friends are enjoying the Superbowl today and we from the #Sundaysupper movement have come up with a massive game season menu to tease your senses! For those who don’t know, the Superbowl is the most important American football game of the season. The rest of the world might be ignorant of the happenings in the USA today, but even we have our own games to enjoy. The Indians will be busy with Cricket, the French with Rugby, the Austrians with Skiing and the rest of the world with Football (the soccer football). Of course everybody enjoys all over the world snacks and treats while we celebrate the spirit of sports, so therefore I decided to share my Ham and Cheese Crescents today.

Ham and Cheese Crescents for #Sundaysupper #stepbystep #recipe masalaherb.com

You will be in for a treat! The stuffed Ham and Cheese Crescents are definitely not for the faint hearted! They are super heavy and anything but healthy, yet you will go crazy for the melting moment and the comforting flavors. Game day is hardly healthy, it’s a typical man day and our men don’t care about health. They want meat, they want something to chew on, they want the satisfaction of good “Fast Food”! Know what I mean?

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Ham and Cheese Crescents for #Sundaysupper #stepbystep #recipe masalaherb.com

These little crescent babies are special, I used a typical Austrian dough type. For a very very long time I was pondering over the idea to make my own Curd Cheese. In central Europe, more precisely in Austria and Germany, it is an essential ingredient and without it most of the traditional dishes and bakeries wouldn’t have been today. We in Austria – and also in Bavaria –  call this popular curd cheese Topfen, while the Germans in the north would know it better as Quark. It’s a semi hard & soft, nearly tasteless Curd Cheese, sometimes of a thicker consistency sometimes more liquid. Frequently it is even used as a main ingredient in cakes such as the Christmas Stollen and as I had menioned earlier there is even an own dough type dedicated to the soft Topfen, better known as Topfenmürbteig. Mürbteig means shortcrust in English, yet the shortcrust with Curd Cheese seems to be non existent in the English speaking countries, so the Topfenmürbteig remains much unknown in the world.

Ham and Cheese Crescents for #Sundaysupper #stepbystep #recipe masalaherb.com

I have compiled an easy step by step guide, so that you get your own Curd Cheese dough right from the beginning.


Ham and cheese Crescents
Recipe type: Austrian
Cuisine: Snack, Appetizer
Serves: about 24 Ham and Cheese Crescents
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
For the Cheese Curd Shortcrust:
  • 250 grams White Flour + 100 grams to roll out the dough
  • 200 grams Butter or Margarine
  • 250 grams Topfen/Quark (Central European Curd Cheese) or 200 grams Indian Paneer Cottage Cheese & 50 milliliter Curd smooth blend
  • pinch Salt
For the Filling & topping
  • 12 Ham slices
  • 12 Cheese slices
  • 1 Egg
  • Sesame Seeds
  1. To make the dough place the 250 grams Flour on a working space and add the Butter cubes. With your hands crumble the butter into the flour (as seen in the result picture).
  2. If Topfen/Quark is not available in your locality then make your own. You can do that by blending smooth Indian Paneer Cottage cheese with Curd. The consistency should be as shown in the picture.
  3. Add the Topfen/Quark/Paneer & Curd mix & pinch Salt to the crumbled butter and flour mixture and start to form a dough. The end result should be a smooth soft dough. Place the dough in a bowl and cover it with clean wrap so that no hard crust gets formed on the surface. Keep it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes! A cold dough is easier to handle and work with.
  4. Once the dough is cold roll it out to a 0,3 millimeter thickness.
  5. We need triangle shapes! With the help of a ruler calculate 10 centimeter width and 15 centimeter height (about 4 x 6 inches) and cut out your triangles as shown.
  6. Now cut your ham and cheese slices into half. Take one Cheese half into your hand and roll it together. Take the Ham half into your hand and place the rolled in cheese into the center. Fold the ham in at the side corners and on top, so that you have a little parcel. Do that with the rest of the slices.
  7. Place the little cheese and ham parcel onto one of the triangles. Start to roll in the cheese and ham parcel to form a crescent. The triangle ending should be at the bottom.
  8. Shape it carefully into a slight crescent form and tuck in and close underneath the dough if open. It should be well sealed or the cheese will melt out and make a mess while baking! Do that with all little crescents.
  9. In a bowl break the egg and mix it well. Dip into the egg with a kitchen brush and brush over the crescent surface. That will give the baked goods a nice shine and give a moist feeling. Sprinkle some Sesame seeds on top to finish the crescents.
  10. Pop the crescents into the oven at 200 Celsius for about 20 minutes or until they are golden.
  11. Serve hot as Appetizer, Snack or even enjoy it as a breakfast/brunch treat!
The famous Central European Curd Cheese, better known as Topfen in Austria and Bavaria or as Quark in the rest of Germany, can be recreated at home by blending tasteless Cottage cheese with Curd to a smooth consistency.


Ham and Cheese Crescents for #Sundaysupper #stepbystep #recipe masalaherb.com


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My boys would LOVE these, Helene! They are as beautiful as delicious!!! Perfect for the Super Bowl or any party~


Jen @JuanitasCocina

You MADE your own crescents???? You are amazing!


Heather @girlichef

These look so darn good, Helene! They would disappear in my house in no time flat.


Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

Gorgeous, just the thing to devour on a lazy sunday watching tv!



These crescents look so cute, and sound absolutely delish!



Your crescents are absolutely beautiful :) Gorgeous. We must think of the same type of party food :) ~ Bea



I love this dough! It must have tremendous flavor, and of course the filling for the crescents looks great too. Perfect for watching the big game! Or when you just want a fun snack. Thanks for this.


Amanda @ Marocmama

I live in WI and there are dairies here that make Quark. I’ve never quite known how to use it but this looks like a great recipe to try! Thank you so much for the background and the recipe.



Those are perfect looking, yummy!!



I stared and stared and waited for one of those to jump out of the screen so I could eat one right now. Oh wow they look good. I’m loving the homemade crescent dough too.


Brianne @ Cupcakes & Kale Chips

I love this dough! I bet it is amazing. Not sure I can get the ingredients around here, but they do look yummy!


Kim Bee

Oh my gosh Helene, these are so beautiful. I love snacks like this. Right up my alley.



Oh Helene,I’m craving for a bite of these so badly!!I love that the dough looks easy enough to make and your crescents look super cute!Great idea for any party!


Sarah Reid, RHNC (@jo_jo_ba)




How cool is it that you made your crescents from scratch! Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever attempted that one. These look delicious and would be great for any kind of a game day. :)



I love how this is from scratch my friend, the rolls look delicious 😀



Lyn @LovelyPantry

I love that you made these! How awesome! I can imagine how wonderful they taste. They are perfect as an appetizer or snack. Thank you for telling us about Topfenmürbteig!


Megan - I Run For Wine

I absolutely love this! Homemade crescents!!!



Well, these are just downright yummy! Thanks for the great instructions on how to make the pastry! It looks perfect!


Anne @ Webicurean

wow those look great! I could go for one of those for breakfast right now!



Helen that is impressive. It looks so delicious and so perfect!



Gorgeous you make it look so easy!


wok with ray

This is really good stuff and perfect treats for entertaining. I love ham and cheese combination.


Quay Po Cooks

Fantastic pictorial and instructions. Makes it so much easier to do this.


Kitchen Belleicious

the perfect appetizer for any party or just a snack in general. must make these for my kids


Eva Taylor

What a coincidence, I made a cottage cheese pastry this past weekend too, and I’m about to make another because it worked out so well. I love that these are savoury. Nicely done.



Hi Helene – I’ve gotta ‘fess up… I hate sports – *all* sports – with the burning passion of a thousand suns, but I sure do love snacks. I’d be the guy at the back of any sports party scarfing down more than my fair share of snacks while people were watching some important goal or something on TV :D.

These look like a love thing to serve – I bet they look so good all piled up on a plate! You didn’t specify what cheese you use – just said “cheese slices”, but I’m guessing some gruyere would be awesome!


Laura | Small Wallet, Big Appetite

Oh my goodness that Cheese Curd Shortcrust sounds to die for!


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