Ragi Poppy Seed Cookies

by Helene Dsouza on December 19, 2014

Ragi Poppy Seed Cookies - healthier Fingermillet cookie recipe

In the past few months I have been surrounded by ragi flour, it has been literally popping in to my life at different times. Ragi cake on a friends page, ragi roti made with love by my mother in law (flat bread), Ragi flour bags in my friendly neighborhood grocery store and so on. Wherever […]


Gluten-free Cinnamon Star Cookies

by Helene Dsouza on December 9, 2013

Gluten-free Cinnamon Star Cookies #ChristmasWeek

Welcome to Christmas Week, a multi-blogger event co-hosted by Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic and Jen from Juanita’s Cocina! Each day we will be celebrating the holidays with a different set of Christmas-themed treats, as well as a fabulous Christmas giveaway. We hope you enjoy this fabulous event. Tune in each day starting today, […]


Christmas Cookie Collection 2013

by Helene Dsouza on November 29, 2013

Christmas Cookie Collection 2013

I believe one can never have enough cookies for Christmas. Various Christmas Cookie types, such as traditional and colorful new style cookies are a must in my house and I have to tell you Christmas is for sure not the same without the cookies. In my first years in Goa, I didn’t miss the familiar […]


Bethmännchen Cookies

by Helene Dsouza on November 15, 2013

Bethmännchen Cookies #stepbystep #recipe

We have a massive collection of Christmas Cookie recipes in Central Europe. Seriously, you would be surprised by the amount of different cookies our ancestors were able to create in time. From spiced Lebkuchen, to soft Coconut Cookies and Sugar Baiser, the choice is endless! Coming from a rich Christmas Cookie tradition, I am still […]


Vodka Cookies

by Helene Dsouza on November 13, 2013

Vodka Cookies

Vodka Cookies are for sure a completely new concept, especially during the merry Christmas time. Yet I felt compelled to share these colorful and fun cookies with you. Usually it’s all about rum, egg liqueur and other fancy alcohol flavors at this time of the year but when you live in the Indian coastline state […]


Gluten-free Elisenlebkuchen Cookies

by Helene Dsouza on November 11, 2013

Gluten-free Elisenlebkuchen Cookies #stepbystep #recipe

  As I had promised my dear readers, we are kicking into the Cookie week with a load of different sweet treats. I have joined up with some of my food blogger friends to present you a colossal collection of the best homemade cookie recipes. There is something for everybody, especially for sweet-eaters, or as […]


The Austrian Linzer Augen cookies - pate sablée sweet short crust pastry #stepbystep #recipe

The Linzer Auge is one of the cookies, that is always easy recognizable thanks to its two sandwich style cookie disks filled with jam, the  three cut out holes and its round “flower style” shape. The Linzer Augen (roughly translated as Linzer Eyes) are a typical Austrian Christmas cookie, that originated in upper Austria in […]


Lebkuchen Christmas Cookies - an Austrian German Gingerbread type #stepbystep #recipe

Lebkuchen are some of the most popular and known Christmas cookies in the world. You know them better as Gingerbread cookies. In Austria and Germany you will find them being decorated and sold in the all famous charming Christmas markets. Also, most of the households preparing for the merry season, usually bake Lebkuchen in all […]